I was really so busy at the end of the project that I didn't have time to continue with this blog... you can find a couple of pictures and videos of the finally presentation at Instagram: claudearobles  photo by Michiel Vermet
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Artist in residence at IK #2

hi everybody,

as promised…  I'm trying to keep you updated of my currently work in progress... I forgot to tell you the name of my installation:  WEBMINDSCAPE

These weeks I’ve been working on the one hand with the sound patches, and I must say that I’m really happy with the results I’ve had in the last days, at least the first part of the sound programming (in MAX) which combines speech from twitter messages that finally come into an octophonic sound environment.  I should really say that the MAX Forum helped me a lot!  and I’m very grateful to all those developers of external MAX objects, to call some of them:  Masayuki Akamatsu, Yusuke Yomomoto and Gokce Kinayoglu.

By the way…  I’ve learned a lot in these weeks. :-)

On the other hand, I’ve been working with the EEG interface, trying to understand the raw data it sends, solving problems with incompatible software and systems…  struggling with the electrodes and my hair… long story…  anyway, for now…  I can say I’m very disappointed with this interface.  the Firma sells the product as a very easy to work with, to fit it, but finally it has been more complicated that the old one I used for my piece INsideOUT , an open source interface from Olimex.  (for more info about, check this link:


I’ll prepare some tests to try the interface in other persons and some nice IK’s co-helpers will come next week.  Let’s see how this interface works on other heads…

and last but not least……  after so many hours of research and calculations (measurements and costs), finally I bought the light components!  Hence, I started a regular conversation via skype and emails with my colleague Andreas Gernemann-Paulsen at the Institute of Musicology/ University of Cologne (friendly supporter of this project), who is helping me with the hardware and Arduino programming of the light system and to whom I’m really very grateful…  I don’t think I’d have enough time to develop alone ALL these pieces of the final puzzle that should be ready for the middle of April.

Here some screenshots of my current day a day life …



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Artist in residence at IK Stichting

Dear art lovers I’ve just started an artist-in-residence period at the IK Stichting in Holland as a part of the Exhibition Energie-Wechsel curated by Dr. Uwe Rueth. The Stichting IK is located in a former water tower in Vlissingen (a wonderful and inspirational place! ) whose initiator and founder is the dutch artist Jan Van Munster. . For this residency and pursuing my research on bio-data used in interactive multimedia art, I proposed a new project which combines brain waves (via EEG), sound and light.  I will create an immersive environment composed by light and surround sound that will be shaped by both the performer's (in this case, me) and visitors' brain waves. The installation will take place at the K pavilion next April. If you look at the satellite image below, you can see on the top the IK word based on Jan Van Munster’s work.  The 'I' and the 'K' pavilions are designed as exhibition spaces and the 'I' pavilion serves also as a guest studio for the artist-in-residence. Right now, I’m writing this blog from the 'I' pavilion.  You can also see the whole fantastic area and on the left bottom, the water tower. I will try to keep you updated about  the evolution of my work.  Currently,  I’m studying and contemplating the space and making some measurements, in order to finally buy the material for the light installation while at the same time, I am experimenting the new EEG interface I will use this time (emotiv insight) If you do not hear from me for a while, do not worry, I am working…………… For more information about:  http://stichtingik.nl .   . .  
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some comments about my work

'…. Claudia Robles Angel’s performance, for example, used wires that connected her brain to a system of projected images and sounds. What the audience received was a combination of pre-chosen images as well as the way that Angel’s brain was processing and reacting to them in real time. The other performances had similar arrangements, but Angel’s was the most extreme: watching her, the body became a wired machine, producing cold sounds and abrupt visuals very unlike what we associate with the brain, or with human feelings... ''

by Adela Yawitz Berlin Art Link

''... Robles's speciality is using a so-called electroencephalogram, or EEG, to measure her brain waves while forcing her mind from a state of calm to one of utter stress, a feat she says is accomplished through breathing and meditation. Sensors inside the device, which resembles an open helmet, relay the data back to a computer which then reprograms it into music.... " by Chris Cottrell - Reuters

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